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The dosage of palatability enhancers, antioxidants and other ingredients in commercial pet food is not very high. However, they play very important role. According to statistics, if one ton of palatability enhancer has quality issue, dozens of tons of finished pet food products and hundreds of thousands of pets and pet families will be affected. This shows how important it is for the pet food industry to ensure the safety of pet food palatability enhancers. Wing Pet Food is doing a lot of work in supply chain management, production process, quality and risk control to ensure the stability, consistency and safety of products.

The company invested in the establishment of two large factories in Yingtan, Jiangxi Province and Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. Both factories are operated with high standards in management, hardware, production equipment, environmental protection facilities, and industrial automation to guarantee product safety and stability.

Wing Pet Food understands the impact of product safety and stability on our customers. Considering the special nature of animal and plant-based raw materials, Wing Pet Food adheres to the principle of quality and stability first when we select the raw material suppliers. Our partners are all excellent raw material suppliers at home and abroad.
Strictly following the requirements of  BRC system, we guarantee that each batch of product can be traced back to the batch of the raw materials used, the person responsible and the critical  process parameters.

Strictly following the requirements of BRC system, we guarantee that each batch of product can be traced back to the batch of the raw materials used, the person responsible and the critical process parameters.

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